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The Teach Me How to Date VIP Academy 2.0 is here! Transform your love life from loneliness and unfulfillment to a radiant, magnetic presence that naturally draws in high-caliber men. Immerse yourself in a world where love and devotion flow abundantly from men, all while you stand confidently in your feminine power. Position yourself to leave a healthy Love Legacy for your children and future generations. This journey is free from convoluted rules, manipulative games, or sacrificing your true self. Embrace a path where authenticity is your most incredible allure, and genuine connections are formed effortlessly.

Founded in 2017 by Feminine Lifestyle Strategist, Bestselling Author, Dating Coach, and Matchmaker April Mason, the Teach Me How to Date Academy and training from the founder have helped thousands of women make a feminine identity switch to improve their overall lives and attract the love of their lives. 

The Teach Me How to Date Academy  2.0 Academy has expanded and will be facilitated by our Love Legacy Coaches Adrianna Mason-Onubogu and Michael Nnhamdi Onubogu.  Under the toolage of April Mason, this dynamic duo is not only qualified to help you reach your love legacy goal but is living what they teach.

Who is the Teach Me How To Date VIP Academy 2.0 for? 

It's for the woman who feels: 

  • She's tried everything but continues to get the same results
  • Haven't had a quality, fun, exciting, and meaningful date in years
  • Feels like all of the quality men are taken
  • Feels like she has to settle for less because she's a single parent
  • She hasn't mastered how to allow her femininity to shine through
  • Not sure how to get back out there after a divorce or break-up
  • She is ready to get rid of your way of doing this
  • You are ready to get highly intentional about your love life

    If you feel this way, this is for you! You've committed to caring for everyone else's needs except yours. You've been waiting for your Purpose Mate to appear magically, but you aren't clear on who you are at your core. This means you aren't clear on what you need, just frustrated and ready to give up. Don't give up; you just haven't had the right tools! If you are SERIOUS about attracting quality dates that can lead to you connecting with your purpose mate, I encourage you to join the Teach Me How to Date Academy 2.0. You deserve to be happy and fulfilled! There IS a man out there who has been waiting for you to show up as the feminine woman you are. You ARE enough and worthy.




  • 2 Bi-weekly LIVE coaching sessions with our Love Legacy Coaches! 
  • 1 LIVE Q&A session with our Love Legacy Coaches!
  • 3x yearly live mentoring from April Mason herself!
  • Exclusive April Mason Video Vault -  Enjoy some of April Mason's  EXCLUSIVE dating courses that have helped hundreds of women get engaged and married in a year or less!
  • Dating subgroups for women who are single, divorced, widowed, single parent, and empty nesters
  • Member Spotlight
  • Monthly Assignments
  • Accountability Partners
  • Meet like-minded women who are on the same journey as you

And much more...